cheyanne turions is a curator, cultural worker and writer currently based in Canada. From the farmlands of Treaty 8, she is of settler and Indigenous ancestry. She holds a master’s degree in Visual Studies from the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design at the University of Toronto, where she was supervised by Barbara Fischer and advised by Kitty Scott.

Her work positions exhibitions and criticism as social gestures, where she responds to artistic practices by linking aesthetics and politics through discourse. Recent and upcoming projects include I continue to shape at the Art Museum at the University of Toronto, which will feature works by Maria Thereza Alves, Cathy Busby, Justine Chambers, Nicholas Galanin, Maria Hupfield, Lisa Myers, Mickalene Thomas, Joseph Tisiga and Charlene Vickers; and the research residency No Person’s Land with DAM Projects in London, UK, which was organized with Amanprit Sandhu. Recent writing projects include “Picking up a Long Line,” an essay on the work of Rebecca Belmore that was published in Afterall Journal, and “the cuts.,” an essay written in collaboration with Sadia Shirazi and published by the Vera List Center.

Her exhibition Other Electricities was presented the award for Innovation in a Collections-based Exhibition by the Ontario Association of Art Galleries in 2014. In 2015 she received the inaugural Reesa Greenberg Curatorial Studies Award and the Hnatyshyn Foundation’s Emerging Curator of Contemporary Canadian Art Award. In 2017, her essay “Close to Frostbite” was presented the award for Curatorial Art Writing (2000–5000 words) by the Ontario Association of Art Galleries. This award was shared with Gabrielle Moser for her essay “Analogical Thinking,” both of which were published in Meryl McMaster: Confluence (Carleton University Art Gallery, 2016).

Since 2008, she has been the director of No Reading After the Internet, a salon series concerned with understanding the act of reading aloud as its own media form (with Amy Kazymerchyk and Alex Muir). She is a founding member of EMILIA–AMALIA, an exploratory working group that employs practices of citation, annotation, and autobiography as modes of activating feminist praxis (with Cecilia Berkovic, Annie MacDonell, Gabrielle Moser and Leila Timmins).

Currently, turions is the Curator at SFU Galleries and sits on the Board of Directors at 221A. She has previously held positions at Art Metropole, the Art Museum at the University of Toronto, SBC galerie d’art contemporain, Trinity Square Video and the Vancouver Art Gallery.

She can be reached at c.turions at gmail dot com.