Capture Photography Festival (Vancouver BC, 2019) Selected Exhibitions jury member alongside Diana Freundl (Interim Chief Curator / Associate Director, Vancouver Art Gallery) and Scott Massey (artist).

Salt Spring National Art Prize (Salt Spring Island BC, 2019) Jury member alongside David Balzer (author) and Sandra Meigs (artist and Professor Emeritus at the University of Victoria). Exhibition hosted at Mahon Hall.

BMO 1st Art Prize (Toronto ON, 2019) Selection committee member alongside Marie-Eve Beaupré (Curator, Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal), Sarah Robayo Sheridan (Curator, Art Museum at the University of Toronto) and Adriana Kuiper (Artist and Associate Professor, Mount Allison University). Exhibition hosted at the Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto.

Fabricating Meaning (SFU Gallery, Vancouver BC, 2019) With Dr. Eldon Yellowhorn (archeologist) and Dr. J. Steven Dodge (physicist), this moderated conversation presented approaches to how language is used in science, as objective or embedded with cultural histories and subjectivities, reading these techniques against the works of Ann Beam and Carl Beam.

Practices of Resistance (Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, Vancouver BC, 2019) This symposium featured Teresa Montoya, Marianne Nicolson and Tania Willard addressing Indigenous sovereignty and strategies for art practice as part of community-based resistances against settler colonialism and ecological destruction. I participated as respondent.

Curating Critical Pedagogies (Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies, Vancouver BC, 2018) This roundtable conversation between Galit Eilat, Barbara Fischer and Simon Sheikh was moderated by myself and focused on institutional work with the goal of interrogating critical practices in contemporary art and curating.

MWX2018 Open Platform (Museums and the Web, Vancouver BC, 2018) This panel conversation between Ashlee Conery, Vince Dziekan, Kate Hennessy, Shawn Hunt, Philippe Pasquier and myself used the MWX2018 exhibition as provocation to consider issues relating to digital cultural heritage, cultural citizenship and the role of museums as spaces that foregrounds the complexity of cross-cultural communication.

The Health of the People is the Highest Law: Roundtable on Cultural Non-Profits and Accountability (Pollyanna Library, Vancouver BC, 2017) Co-organized by Jesse McKee and myself, this roundtable conversation with Vincent Tao, Yesomi Umolu and Syrus Marcus Ware considered if it is it feasible, or even desirable, for institutions to be accountable to everyone for everything? And, can shades of opacity play a role in this process? The challenge of non-profit institutions generally is to prioritize among competing accountability demands. This involves deciding both to whom institutions owe responsibility and what form this accountability should take.

Making the Beyond (Art Toronto, Toronto ON, 2017) This panel conversation with Patrick Cruz, Magalie Guérin and Walter Scott considered what artists and their works can make possible in the world beyond representation or expression, as propositions for becoming. How are artistic practices transformed beyond the colonial spectre and beyond the regimes of dispossession that colonization depends upon? How are contemporary practices aggravating the limits of western art historical discourses in framing or contextualizing the range of influences and concerns that artists are working with today? Presented by the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Under the Mango Tree: Ulterior Sites of Learning (documenta 14, Athens and Kassel, 2017) In relation to Kahatènhston tsi na’tetiátere ne Iotohrkó:wa tánon Iotohrha, Wood Land School contributed to this gathering that presented communal practices of producing and preserving knowledges, as well as initiatives from around the world that reflect on postcolonial knowledge production in nonhierarchical settings. Part of the aneducation program of documenta 14.

Indigenous New York, Critically Speaking (The Vera List Center at the New School, New York NY, 2017) This colloquium examines how a consideration of Indigenous creative production might reconfigure regimes of critical writing. Presentation made in partnership with Sadia Shirazi.

Montréal Monochrome: Table Setting (Articule, Montréal QC, 2016)

decentre redux: concerning artist-run culture now (OCAD University, Toronto ON, 2016) A panel discussion and workshop to collectively discuss emerging artistic practices and conversations and the work that’s needed for artist-run-centres to continually reinvent themselves.

Indigenous New York, Curatorially Speaking (The Vera List Center at the New School, New York NY, 2016) This curatorial colloquium examines four key inquiries: indigenous and non-indigenous epistemologies and methodologies; the non-colonial museum; challenges of collaborative curation; and the growing indigenization of international art.

Constellation/Conversation (Artspace, Peterborough ON, 2016) On the invitation of Tanya Lukin Linklater and Leanne Simpson, along with Layli Long Solider, Cris Derkson and myself, Constellation/Conversation is a new collaborative performance and installation work.

Post-Studio Visit (OR Gallery, Vancouver BC, 2016) An open-ended series of talks, streaming videos and podcasts produced through the Or Gallery, hosted by Jonah Grey. In this episode Amy Lynn Kazymerchyk and I talk about The Fraud That Goes Under the Name of Love.

Wood Land School Critical Anthology (OR Gallery, Vancouver BC, 2016) A symposium on directions in Indigenous contemporary art.

Don Dialogues (Evergreen Brickworks, Toronto ON, 2016) Alongside Duane Linklater and Raymond Boisjoly, this conversation focused on the critical negotiation of the land as a concept, in relation to Indigenous histories and contemporary art practices.

Art in the Public Sphere (University of Western Ontario, London ON, 2016) Lecture presented as part of “Art Now!” a course offered by the Department of Visual Arts at Western University. The course focuses on current contemporary art production, both locally, nationally and internationally.

Reading as Methodology (Artexte, Montréal QC, 2016) This public seminar aims to deepen reflections on the epistemological, cultural, social, political and ethical issues pertaining to reading as methodology. In bringing together these various perspectives on the act of reading and its methodological implications, the discussion hopes to address the relationship between textuality and orality, the process of reading, its contemporary modes and settings, as well as the exchanges among academic, artistic, cultural and community contexts that reading makes possible.

The League of Women of Great Personal Charm and Wit, Exemplary Scotch Drinkers, Feminists, Defenders of the Earth, Citizen Smokers, Survivors of Many Neglects and Troubles (Erin Stump Projects, Toronto ON, 2015) As part of Maryse Larivière’s ongoing project TLWGPCW, this afternoon apéro is centred around Katie Lyle’s exhibition The End of Vandalism. ESP hosts, Maryse Larivière chairs, cheyanne turions instigates, Katie Lyle asserts and league members take it from there.

Making Things Matter: Considering Citation as a Form of Community (Ottawa Art Gallery, Ottawa ON, 2015) This workshop examines the possibility of citation to act as a disruptive force. Aware of the impact writers and scholars have on the production of knowledge, the goal of the workshop is to encourage a critical approach to citation, creating the conditions for decolonial, anti-racist and anti-patriarchal narratives to emerge based on ideas and wisdom found outside of canonical sources.

The Accelerators (O’Born Contemporary, Toronto ON, 2015) As part of the networked constellation of The Accelerators, Public Studio’s latest exhibition at O’Born Contemporary, this conversation looks at recent aesthetic decolonizing efforts in a shared reading and acknowledgment of historical treaties between settlers and First Nations peoples.

Art, Literature and Representations of Indigeneity (York University, Toronto ON, 2015) With Sean Kennedy (CUNY) and Katherine Starks (Independent), this panel was part of the Critical Ethnic Studies Association’s Sovereignties and Colonialism conference.

Re-membering Silenced Voices: Constructing New Narratives from Old Stories (University of Toronto, Toronto ON, 2015) With Elizabeth DiEmanuele and Joanna Krongold, moderated by Dierdre Flynn, this panel was part of the University of Toronto’s Memory, Memorialization and Forgetting English department graduate conference.

Lines and Nodes (University of Toronto, Toronto ON, 2015) A symposium and screening event bringing together artists and scholars to examine the political, aesthetic and affective dimensions of extraction, infrastructure and logistics.

Frameworks (Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto ON, 2015) With Kim Simon, a discussion of Althea Thauberger’s Preuzmimo Benčić (Take Back Benčić) (2014), an experimental documentary made within the context of redevelopment project in Croatia with a cast of 67 child actors.

Furnishing Positions: Conversation (Blackwood Gallery, Mississauga ON, 2014) In conjunction with the exhibition Falsework, this hybrid event was part colloquium, part workshop and part experiment. It aimed to be a support structure for the exchange of ideas.

If We Carry On Speaking the Same Language to Each Other, We Are Going to End Up Repeating the Same History (Parmer, New York City NY, 2014) In the spirit of  collective encounters, this evening long conversation positioned the sharing of experiences and knowledge as a possible method of undoing the inherent power dynamics of the groups assembled.

Curating in the Haze of Empires (Ontario Association of Art Galleries, Toronto ON, 2014) A reflection on Other Electricities, an exhibition that sought to perform an aesthetic or cultural decolonization on the Art Gallery of Windsor’s permanent collection, as part of a symposium investigating critical regionalism in Ontario’s public art galleries.

Open Sesame: Critics Forum (LUFF art+dialogue, Toronto ON, 2014) Based on David Cohen’s Review Panel at the National Academy Museum in New York City, three critics review three current Toronto exhibitions, after which questions and dialogue between critics and audience will be facilitated. Alongside Alex Bowron and Ame Henderson, Vasco Araújo’s Under the Influence of Psyche (The Power Plant), Jimenez Lai’s Flipping Properties (Rear View Projects) and the group show First the Pleasure, then the Thesis (Clint Roenish Gallery) were reviewed.

Youth in Revolt: Precarious Labour, the Young Curator and Sectorial Burn Out in the Media Arts (Media Arts Network of ontario / réseau des arts médiatiques de l’ontario, Ottawa ON, 2013 // Artist Run Centres and Collectives of Ontario, Toronto ON, 2014) Although the burden of labour precarity, student debt and rising living costs are phenomena that impact all of society, this discussion looked at how such factors are being managed by cultural workers and the effect they have on related communities.

Unsettlements (Art Gallery of Windsor, Windsor ON, 2013) A discussion on unlearning dominant paradigms of history and place through indigenous and feminist art practices. Alongside Bonnie Devine and Alan Ojiig Corbiere.

What is Difference? Recognizing and Reassembling (Mercer Union, Toronto ON, 2013)  What is difference? What constitutes difference? And what does difference mean? This conversation engaged the public in (re)considering what it means to belong, or alternatively, to be “different”; and how artists, curators and cultural workers today work with or against these positions. Alongside Wanda Nanibush and Andrea Fatona.

Guided Walking Tour (Docent, The Images Festival, Toronto ON, 2013) Guided walk-through tour of Off Screen installations at the 401 Richmond Street building including exhibitions by Christina Battle, Andrea Geyer and Greg Staats.

Living in 10 Easy Lessons (Buddies in Bad Times, Toronto ON, 2012) As part of the Living in 10 Easy Lessons exhibition on view at Gallery 44, this forum asked members of different communities to come together and discuss the implications of the project bringing socio-economic concerns into an arts context.

Conversation and the Production of Publics (Toronto International Art Fair, Toronto ON, 2012) As part of C Magazine’s conversation series, a discussion with editor Amish Morrell about the uses of conversation in service of the production of publics in contemporary art practices, projects and institutions.

Commerce by Artists (Moderator, New York Art Book Fair, MoMA PS1, New York NY, 2012) As part of David Senior’s Classroom series at the New York Art Book Fair. A discussion with Rainer Ganahl and Keith + Mendi Obadike, which will focus on artworks and practices that take the form of transactions and exchanges of value.

A Conversation with Rebecca Belmore (Moderator, Sudbury ON, 2012) A public conversation to coincide with Belmore’s research residency in Sudbury ON for a land-based art project supported by La Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario and Musagetes.

The Curatorial Incubator (Visiting Lecturer, Vtape, Toronto ON, 2012) As part of Vtape’s annual Curatorial Incubator project–an initiative to foster emerging curators through intensive support–Erik Martinson and I presented on our research into the work of Basma Alsharif, which culminated in the solo exhibition This Story Begins and Ends with Us (2012). We discussed how decisions about what to include and how to present the work, were arrived at. The role of working with the artist directly was highlighted.

Tools for Conviviality (Visiting Lecturer, The Power Plant, Toronto ON, 2012) Presented a response to the exhibition Tools for Conviviality, which departed from the presence of weapons in the show and worked toward an understanding of how those objects can be understood as convivial. Focused on the work of Abbas Akhavan and Claire Fontaine.

The Curator’s Image (YYZ Artists’ Outlet, Toronto ON, 2012) Recent public dialogues such as The Curatorial Today, Art Basel (2011); Are Curators Unprofessional?, The Banff Centre (2010); and Curators In Context, ARCCO (2005) have established national and international conversations around the practical, theoretical and conceptual approaches to contemporary curatorial practice. The Curator’s Image seeks to do the same on a local level, providing a vehicle for conversation between emerging professionals who curate contemporary art in Toronto as part of institutional, commercial, artist-run and independent platforms. Moderated by Lucas Soi featuring Christopher Régimbal (Exhibition Coordinator, Justina M. Barnicke Gallery), Leah Turner (Associate, Jessica Bradley Art + Projects), Yan Wu (Programme Director, Gendai Gallery) and cheyanne turions (Independent Curator).

Guided Walking Tour (Docent, The Images Festival, Toronto ON, 2012) Guided walk-through tour of Off Screen installations at the 401 Richmond Street building and the Images Festival’s pop-up gallery space, including Duncan Campbell’s Arbeit, Naeem Mohaiemen’s The Young Man Was (Part 1: United Red Army) and Antoni Muntadas’s Alphaville e outros.

Jon Rafman’s 9 Eyes of Google Street View (Visiting Lecturer, Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto ON, 2012) Presented as part of LBST 1B11, The Essay and the Argument: Mechanics. An exploration of Rafman’s project as a way of reading contemporary image culture in ways that connect to art-historical discourses and ethical claims around looking and making.

The Climate of Public Space (Visiting Lecturer, Museum of the Near Future, Helsinki Finland, 2011) Salon in collaboration with OK Do. The privatisation of public space is a far-reaching phenomenon. Cities and citizens now face the challenge of inventing new models of spaces for year-round free assembly in expanding urban cores. Will the future of our public space be enclosed, or perhaps virtual?

City of Matters of Concern (Visiting Lecturer, Museum of the Near Future, Helsinki Finland, 2011) In collaboration with OK Do, The City of Matters of Concern salon explored how to make concerns and interests manifest in local contexts, mixing the private with the public and the individual with the collective.

Sunday Scene (Visiting Lecturer, The Power Plant, Toronto ON, 2011) A response to Rearview Mirror: New Art from Central and Eastern Europe, curated by Christopher Eamon.

Guided Walking Tour (Docent, The Images Festival, Toronto ON, 2011) Guided walk-through tour of Off Screen installations at the 401 Richmond Street building for the Images Festival, including Chen Chieh-jen’s Empire’s Borders II–Western Enterprises, Inc. and Rabih Mroué’s The Inhabitants of Images.

No Reading After the Internet (Director/Moderator, 2011-ongoing) In collaboration with Amy Lynn Kazymerchyk and Alexander Muir, out-loud reading and discussion groups based in Vancouver + Toronto + elsewhere that provoke theoretical illumination on particular art works, or the broader scope within which such work exists. Authors include Nicholas Bourriaud, Ulises Carrión and B.S. Johnson.

Writing as Research in the Visual Arts (Visiting Lecturer, Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto ON, 2010 and 2011) Presented as part of LBST 1B11, The Essay and the Argument: Mechanics. An exploration of the possibility of using writing as a tool in practice-based research, and the related practical need to cultivate articulate expressions of one’s practice.

Professionalization in the Arts (Workshop Facilitator, Gallery TPW, Toronto ON, 2010) A primer for gallery interns about the transition from the educational institution to the workforce.

Thought on Film (Director/Moderator, 2008-2010) A monthly out-loud reading group confronting issues in contemporary cinematic practice and philosophy. Authors include Gilles Deleuze, Mike Hoolboom, Lev Manovich, David Harvey, Lewis Hyde, J.M. Coetzee and Fredric Jameson.

Media Art Practices in Vancouver’s Artist-Run Milieu (Visiting Lecturer, 2009-2010) An introduction to artist-run culture in Vancouver and opportunities specific to media artists, presented to emerging artists about to graduate from post-secondary educational institutions.