MICE Magazine


After FUSE Magazine ceased publishing in 2014, a small group of cultural workers, spearheaded by the gregarious and industrious Ben Donoghue, got together to consider what to do next. The result is MICE Magazine and the project will launch on 22 April 2016 as part of the Images Festival. The inaugural issue is devoted to Invisible Labour and is co-edited by Gina Badger and Nasrin Himada, featuring contributions by so many brilliant folks: Kandis Friesen, Laurie Kang, Kathryn MacKay, Maya Mackrandilal, Nahed Mansour, Anne Riley, Krista Belle Stewart, Malena Szlam and Daïchi Saïto, Jennifer Tamayo, and Tania Willard. And it would not have been possible without the relatively invisible labour of Rose D’Amora, Sameer Farooq and Ali Shamas Qadeer, Amy Lam and Aliya Pabani.

Images will host a discussion with current collective members and makers the next day, staking a claim for what MICE is and why we need it now. But, here’s a hint, taken from their first call for submissions:

With any luck, MICE Magazine will not be what anyone expects it to be. We of MICE are not united. Some say it will be Moving Image Culture Etc. Some seek Misandry, Infamy, Calamity, Ecstasy. Yet others anticipate Monsters, Infidels, Cretins, Elegiasts. Surely there are unthought multitudes.

What we do know: MICE will pay for the fruits of your labour. MICE is at least as thoughtful as it is rowdy, and is equipped with some pointed questions. MICE wants to go for a late night walk or a bowl of noodles or a double-feature and MICE will want to talk about it afterwards, or just sit quietly with you and stare at the clouds.

Founding and current members of MICE include Parastoo Anoushahpour, Gina Badger, Jesse Cumming, Ben Donoghue, Amy Fung, Onyeka Igwe, Yaniya Lee, Scott Miller Berry and myself.

I cannot wait to delve deep into these conversations about labour, justice and media art.


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