How a Living Day is Made


Rachelle Sawatsky, “Love Loving Lobe” (chalk pastel on newsprint), 2014.

Near the end of this crazy adventure that has been two years of the privilege of hanging out with Barbara Fischer + Lisa Steele + Charles Stankievech + Emelie Chhangur + Charlotte Lalou Rousseau + Gillian Dykeman + Elisa Julia Gilmour + Daniel Joyce + Fraser McCallum, I have this project to show for all the labour + love + learning.

Join me at the opening on 21 April 2016. A free shuttle will be departing from OCADU at 5:30 PM that day, leaving the DMG at 8 PM that night.

How a Living Day is Made

curated by cheyanne turions

works by
Aisha Sasha John, Rachelle Sawatsky and Walter Scott

Doris McCarthy Gallery
University of Toronto Scarborough
22 April–11 June 2016

Opening reception: 21 April 2016, 6-8 PM
with a performance of Walter Scott’s Sequel to Guts at 7 PM
a FREE shuttle bus departs OCADU (100 McCaul Street) at 5:30 PM, and departs DMG at 8 PM

How a Living Day is Made is an exhibition about survival strategies.

In their work, Aisha Sasha John, Rachelle Sawatsky and Walter Scott stake a claim for the vibrancy of being recovered from the banal, systemic or heroic struggles of making a life in the world today. The “how” of How a Living Day is Made points to these vectors of care that the artists are concerned with: the tending to each other, the need to eat and pay the rent, the cultivation of signs when logic just won’t do. And the “living” points toward the physical and philosophical sustenance that is made possible through this labour. Resisting the idea of a stable subjectivity, their works function as announcements of the endurance and abundance of the self in the face of the complexities of living.

How a Living Day is Made is grounded in these proposals for life-in-the-making and the forms taken are as varied as they are deeply personal: sculpture, painting, performance, poetry, moving images, conversation, the tarot, murals, fallen stars.

Across the three rooms of the Doris McCarthy Gallery, the exhibition unfolds as a day does: Dawn, Day and Dusk, each space hosting works that operate with a distinct resonance in spirit. Dawn (the foyer gallery) is concerned with how we take care of our bodily selves, Day (the west gallery) is concerned with how we manoeuvre within the confines of systems, and Dusk (the east gallery) is concerned with a bit of the occult, reflecting the fact that we draw upon different strategies for survival depending on what we need, what we want and what we are responding to. Each day, differently, our living is made.

The opening of How a Living Day is Made will feature a new performance work by Walter Scott. Sequel to Guts is a collage of new and existing writing, reconfigured to create original associations between the fictions and reality of the artist, the audience and the gallery environment. Against the backdrop of a new, site-specific mural, Scott will animate the forms and narratives of the drawing: as the written words are performed, they will create associations with the images encountered along the way.

Image credit: Rachelle Sawatsky, Love Loving Lobe (chalk pastel on newsprint), 2014

Thanks to all these incredible folks and organizations for making the exhibition possible.


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