Talking Back, Otherwise

Nicole Kelly Westman,

Nicole Kelly Westman, “A Temporal Kind of Protest,” undated, from the “Inherited Narratives” project.

This week, Talking Back, Otherwise opens at the Jackman Humanities Institute (JHI), an exhibition I have spent the last many months working on.

Please join me for the opening on Wednesday, 16 September 2015, from 4-6 PM, at 170 St. George Street on the 10th floor. 

The JHI is an incredible space, dedicated to interdisciplinary research in the social sciences and humanities. Each year, the institute sets a research focus and invites scholars from around the world to pursue projects related to that theme, emphasizing the value of collaborative scholarship across academic boundaries. For the last five years, the JHI has also invited a curator to make an exhibition in their research space and I am thrilled to be working with them for the 2015-2016 year.

Within the research thematic of Things That Matter, Talking Back, Otherwise proposes that one way that things can talk to us is by virtue of talking back, when they operate counter to our expectations of them, provoking our ire, desire or surprise. By turns playful and serious, the works in Talking Back, Otherwise utilize a shifting perception of value to comment on the strictures of systems of classification—poking holes, making fun, resisting. In the oscillation between one way of understanding and another, a critique of the normative world is made possible.

The exhibition features the work of Marvin Luvualu Antonio, Valérie Blass, Bethany Collins, Jérôme Havre, Maryse Larivière, Jennifer Rose Sciarrino and Nicole Kelly Westman.

Please visit the exhibition’s website for more information: http://www.talkingbackotherwise.wordpress.com.


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