Reesa Greenberg Curatorial Studies Award

After the first semester of my studies at the University of Toronto in the Master’s of Visual Studies program, I am honoured to be the inaugural recipient of the Reesa Greenberg Curatorial Studies Award.  Greenberg is giant in the field of art history whose Thinking About Exhibitions (1996), co-edited with Bruce Ferguson and Sandy Nairne, is one of the first attempts to think through exhibition histories. She is an adjunct professor at Carleton University and York University, encouraging new generations of curators, writers, historians and artists to proceed in their professions with curiosity and rigour. I feel very lucky to be connected to her through this scholarship. In a very real way, her support makes my continued education possible. I am so grateful for her vision in this regard, and for my incredible teachers at the University of Toronto—Barbara Fischer, Charles Stankievech, Lisa Steele and others—who work tirelessly to make the Curatorial Studies program a rich field of ideological challenges and formal experimentation, and a place to hone practical skills. I can’t wait to see what happens next…


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