“The Dispossessed”—Group Reading


For many years now, I’ve been observing the practice and potentials of reading aloud through No Reading After the Internet. As a kind of reading group, the collective encounter shifts the expectation away from expertise (as often happens with reading groups where participants are asked to pre-read) toward improvisation. Practically, the form is one of fits and starts, where the reading is continually interrupted by questions and propositions, posed to the text itself and other participants.

This evening, I am excited to  take part in another kind of reading aloud experiment, a project of Danielle Aubert’s to make a used book audio recording” of the entire book of Ursela K. Le Guin’s The Dispossessed. Using annotated copies of the book she’s gathered over the years (she has collected over one hundred copies), Aubert is organizing the reading aloud as a performance of the evidence of having been read already. As a group reading and recording of chapter 3 of the science fiction novel, it will include articulations of existing hand-written notes, marginalia and underlined passages.

Previous recordings have been conducted at Ditto Ditto books in Detroit (Chapter 1), and at Labyrinth Books in Princeton, NJ (Chapter 2).

There’s still room for readers, so please do join us if the nerdy inclination of out-loud reading compels you. The great folks at Art Metropole are hosting, starts at 19:00. I wonder what kind of sense we’ll make of it, our voices bearing both the text and ghostly evidence of so many others…

"The Dispossessed" Group Reading at Art Metropole

“The Dispossessed” Group Reading at Art Metropole


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