My dear friend JP Kelly, commenting on the passing of Roger Ebert, has proposed a most fitting memorial. In JP’s own words, “Roger Ebert, in his review of Kids, wrote about the scene where Telly sprays Casper with a fine mist of water in the summer heat of his bedroom. Ebert used the scene to illustrate how air conditioning has killed seduction and desire in the movies. We go to cold cineplexes in the midst of heat waves when once we sat in sweltering theaters dripping along with our counterparts on the screen–Liz and Paul in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. I say this summer we turn off the AC and fuck each other in the dark in honour of Mr. Ebert.”

I can think of no more fitting a tribute to someone whose utter delight in being alive is to be read so thoroughly in the work he has left behind.

To hot summer fucking in the dark, and to Mr. Ebert (and to you too JP!): love.


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