As part of their ongoing Solution series, Sternberg Press has just released Finland: The Welfare Game. Dreamed up by Martti Kalliala with Jenna Sutela and Tuomas Toivonen, their solutions take on contemporary Finland’s status “as a nation under construction [and propose] that its identity remain a malleable myth, in which designing a more tenable future is the conduit for crucial adaptation.” As a member of OK Do, Sutela was part of the Dexter Sinister residency at the Banff Centre last summer and my host while I was in Finland for the Museum of the Near Future. I’m completely biased, but I’m pretty sure this solution will offer fertile provocations of how to move deliberately forward, as a country, in particular, and as people, in general. I can’t wait to read through their wild and practical ideas of how considerations for the future can affect urban planning, architecture or graphic design. Instead of just responding to the current state of things, what if an idea of the future were held in mind, the difference being between reaction and long-term planning? Finland and Canada share much in common, such as an aging population, low birth rates and arctic climates. I wonder how these ideas for the future of Finland might resonate here in North America.

Or better yet, let’s dream up a solution for Canada.


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