In a letter addressed to the general assemblies and affinity groups of the Occupy Wall Street movements, artist-run initiative AND AND AND crafts a reading of this resistance as the work of artists. Calling on a lineage of thought precedent in Josoph Beuys’s assertion that everyone is an artist, and Robert Filliou’s pronouncement that art is what makes life more interesting than art, AND AND AND suggest that “art can also be that burst of creation which not does not properly belong inside the domain in which it first emerges.” They hold that while these movements are political, they are also a deterritorialization of politics. These are actions to beget things (systems? paradigms? choices?) that cannot yet be predicted. This is the age-old binary of destruction and creation, and “the art that aspires to become political, especially in moments of upheaval, must have the capacity, awareness and grace to become imperceptible.” In other words, it must become the fabric of life.


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