In “Are People of Colour Settlers Too?” which can be found in Cultivating Canada: Reconciliation through the Lens of Cultural Diversity, Malissa Phung asks, “Can someone who easily passes as a settler choose not to be a settler?” To broaden the scope of her question, can settlers and white folks choose to wear their privilege in a way that expresses solidarity with Indigenous populations? Phung proposes that, “To self-identify as a settler rather than as a Canadian does not necessarily negate the rights and benefits of citizenship that settlers have come to accrue as a result of settler colonialism. But mobilizing all settlers to become aware of the ways in which their settler privileges are anything but natural and well deserved can constitute a first step in supporting Indigenous activism against settler domination.” This is such a simple strategy, implicating the speaker in their context of their identity as much as locating others there as well. Being in the world is to be located in an ecology, and to be mindful of the future is as much daydreaming as stark clarity of the present moment.

What else can we do?


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