I have been invited by Derek Liddington, Director, and Jennie Suddick, Programming Coordinator, at XPACE Cultural Centre to curate a library of reference materials in relation to their current exhibition What Goes Around Comes Around.

In recent years artists, curators and critics have made attempts to document and capture Toronto’s vibrant, energetic and rich visual arts scene, both past and present. This summer the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art presents This is Paradise, a series of exhibitions which takes a nostalgic look at the Toronto’s cultural milieu in relation to The Cameron House during the first half of the 1980s.

In response, What Goes Around Comes Around offers a glimpse into artistic trends that utilize collectivity as not only the means of production, but a platform for political and social interaction. What Goes Around Comes Around presents Toronto-based artists Joshua Barndt, Danielle Bessada, Geoffrey Pugen, Melissa Fisher and Jeremy Bailey, as well as the collective Life of a Craphead. These artists use performance, video, installation and social media as tools for collaboration and engagement with their environment. What Goes Around Comes Around will feature three phases in which the artists will react, reshape and recontextualize each others contributions, determined through ambivalence, antagonism and biography.

In compliment to the exhibition, the Reference Library collects contemporary texts that interrogate participatory art practices.

Visitors to the gallery are invited to peruse (and copy at will) the following texts, which compose the What Goes Around Comes Around Reference Library:

Activity, Eds. Pedro Barateiro and Ricardo Valentim with Christoph Keller

On-Curating.org (Issue #7), “Being-With,” Eds. Elke Bippus, Joerg Huber, Dorothee Richter, Institute for Critical Theory, Zurich University of the Arts (available to download)

Nicholas Bourriaud’s The Radicant

Claire Fontaine’s “Human Strike Within the Field of the Libidinal Economy” (available to download)

Recipes for an Encounter, Eds. Berin Golonu, Candice Hopkins and Marisa Jahn

Markus Miessen’s The Nightmare of Participation (Crossbench Practice as a Mode of Criticality)

Dieter Roelstraete’s “On Leaving the Building: Thoughts of the Outside” (available to download)


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