Ranciere’s “Distance is not an evil that should be abolished. It is the normal condition of any communication” becomes “haw ḵey as kwis ans x̱éta7 kwis ḵwéy̓ḵweystway chet. tim̓á tkwetsi,” which translate back as “It’s not bad that it’s so far for us to talk to one another. That’s how it is.”

Amazing! Both for what is lost, and what is preserved.

Bourriaud speaks beautifully about this process of reshaping when he says, “Translation always implies adapting the meaning of a proposition, enabling it to pass from one code to another, which implies a mastery of both languages but also implies that neither is self-evident…in performing it, one denies neither the unspeakable nor possible opacities of meaning, since every translation is inevitably incomplete and leaves behind an irreducible remainder.”


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