After Canadian Heritage cut funding by 100% to a number of small Canadian publications, including Toronto-based yet national-in-scope Fuse, the magazine is taking this as an opportunity to re-imagine what it can be. If you, like me, support Fuse’s endeavour to situate art practices and presentations as political gestures and social critques, please consider supporting the magazine as it transitions to something wildly new.

Disclaimer: I have been invited sit on a steering committee to navigate the magazine into the future.

Here is an eloquent letter from Izida Zorde, the magazine’s editor:

We’re in this together*

Thank you to everyone who helped Fuse reach our goal of 10,000 dollars raised by December 1! Will you help us make our next target?

For almost 40 years, Fuse Magazine has provided a space for diverse communities to speak critically about our society as artists and activists. Over the past four decades legions of people have come through the organization and imagined a better future in the pages of the magazine.

Fuse is an essential part of the landscape of alternative cultural institutions. We are one of the few venues in which writers and artists are asked to consider the intersections of art, culture and politics. Fuse provides a site to think critically and creatively about our activism and the ways in which people come together to resist marginalization and plan for a future built on social justice and the right to self-determination.

Fuse is a work in progress! This moment has provided an opportunity for us to rethink what the magazine has been doing, increase community engagement and consider the different forms our editorial content can take. By consulting with you, we are bringing more people into the organization to help rethink, re-imagine and re-create what Fuse is and can be.

Many of you have come forward with your support–both financial and organizational—and with this we have been buoyed by the confirmation that Fuse is  a crucial part of our cultural fabric and is still—nearly 40 years after its inception—a dynamic and important site for social and political engagement.

We are part of an industry that is changing, and we are excited to explore the ways that Fuse, too, is changing: to reach more people, and to engage in a more meaningful and long term way with diverse communities. Our intention is to intensify the amount of free online content that we provide while maintaining a print presence.

To help us steer the organization into the future, we have mobilized a steering committee for the organization. Franco Boni, Deirdre Logue, Rebecca McGowan, Christopher Regimbal, Kristian Clarke, Jessica Shepherd, June Pak, Syrus Marcus Ware, Izida Zorde, Denise Macharacek, Heather Keung, cheyanne turions, Michelle Jacques and Srimoyee Mitra are working to put these ideas in motion and make Fuse magazine relevant, readable and revolutionary.

And this list of people is growing.

Alternative voices are essential to a healthy society and a strong future. What we hope to do with this fundraising campaign is put a positive new future into motion for the next generation of people that become part of Fuse. Email info at fusemagazine.org to find out how you can help, consult our website for the next issue of the magazine and spread the word.

If you haven’t already made a contribution, please consider it.

Paypal: http://fusemagazine.org/support-fuse

Or through the mail: Fuse Magazine, 454-401 Richmond Street W, Toronto, ON M5V 3A8

If you are an organization that would like to contribute but are not sure how, please contact us about purchasing ad space on our website: advertising at fusemagazine.org

Thank you for your contributions. Without you we wouldn’t have made it this far:

Alberta Media Arts Alliance Society, Kathleen Garley, Sally McKay, Janice Andreae, David Garneau, David Merritt, Sylvie Belanger, Michelle Gay, Allyson Mitchell, Ron Benner, Hannah Godfrey, Chris Gehman, Cheyanne Turions, Ginette Legaré, Amy Fung, Heather Kung, Syrus Marcus Ware, Keith Cole, Srimoyee Mitra, Karl Beveridge, Amy Modahl, Anthea Black, Nuria Gonzalez, Amish Morrell, Lance D Blomgren, Claire Grady-Smith, June Pak, Franco Boni, Lori Harasem-Mitchell, James Patten, Deanna Bowen, Jamelie Hassan, Milena Placentile, Kathy Brewer, Nelson Henricks, Martin Reis, Dawn Buie, Michelle Jacques, Kirsty Robertson, Chandra Bulucon, Winnipeg Arts Council, Articule centre d’artistes autogéré.artist run centre, YYZ artists outlet, Dunlop Art Gallery, Stride Gallery, Truck Contemporary Art, The New Gallery, Buddies in Bad Times, National Screen Institute, Varley Art Gallery,Todd Janes, Clive Robertson, CARFAC Ontario, Nettie and Paul Labun, Lee Rodney, Kristian Clarke, Justin Langlois, Ghufran Sallay, Carole Conde, Maria Lantin, Jayce Salloum, Barbara Crow, Terry Lau, Saw Video, Randy Lee Cutler, Loree Lawrence, John Shelling, Linda Duvall, Steve Loft, Jessica Shepherd, William Elsworthy, Izida Zorde, Deirdre Logue, Diana Sherlock, Feminist Art Gallery, Denise Macharacek, Shannon Stewart, Vera Frenkel, Barbara and Patrick Mahon, Evan Tapper, Marc-Andre Fry, Ross Manson, Nicholas Tobier, Richard Fung Rebecca McGowan, Gerald J Z Zielinski.

* Thanks to Broken City Lab for their inspiring project “We’re in this Together”—a proposal to project those words across the Michigan River from Windsor to Detroit.


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