Textual Cinema

The text-based cinema project began from an observation of the de facto authority that text asserts, and a curiosity about ways to potentially disrupt this authority. My hypothesis was that setting text in motion, via moving images, could be a way to reconfigure the authority of a message. A fruitful initial thought was the case when subtitles move too quickly to read in full. The authority of such a work transfers to something more broad, and images claim dominance, or at least share it more equitably, with the too quick translations of language.

However, where I thought I would find a disruption of authority, I have instead discovered its re-inscription. It seems that the presence of text–even as the picture moves, or the words themselves–quietly claims dominance.

And yet, with all of the work I’ve come across that I know I want to show with the Images Festival, they are about loss. Loss of language, love, sense, culture. What connection could there be between authority and loss?


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