It is possible for an event or proposition to cause a re-evaluation of basic assumptions. However, this line of questioning opposes taking for granted the basic tenets of a conversation and moving forward. On the one hand, understanding a scientific/social/religious/political context. On the other, creating a new field of discussion. The former is comfortable because its terms have already been articulated, disrupting the comfort in predictable ways. The latter avoids answering basic questions that may very well be impossible to declare definitively, moving the discussion to a contemplation of effects.

Take an example from the philosophy of science: matter is mostly empty space! And yet, when I go to open a door, that wild meditation is irrelevant and I turn the door handle as if matter were mostly that.

Another particular case in point, and derived from some recent conversations with Kim Simon: who cares if curators are artists? The viability and impact of the curatorial gesture is more fun to contemplate.


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  1. Oh man! I have so many knee-jerk reactions to that. Straight forwardly, the role of the curator is to make exhibitions. But then, pejoratively, curators are parasitic on the work of artists. Admittedly, there is a lot of luxury in curating, in having the time and space afforded to take art works seriously and to develop critical arguments about past or present zeitgeists. I think curating is best when something emerges from the action of it, so that a constellation of works makes something else than anyone one of them on their own. In a utopic kind of way, curating is just one manner of manifesting independent scholarship.

  2. Knee-jerk as in my immediate reactions to your question. My many responses [or lack of a definative articulation] mean that the role, to me, has not been decided. I am making it up as I go along. It’s an expanding and contracting possibility…

  3. oh i see. i was asking what you see as being the role of curator, in general, not how you define your personal role as a curator. similar to an earlier conversation on here when you asked me what i think is the role of art.
    also i am more interested in those immediate knee-jerk reactions than definitive articulation.

  4. i hope that reads how i meant it – as in, i am interested in your thoughts, pre-filter, pre-edit. you posted something a few weeks ago about learning in public, this is something i can really relate to. so, i would have liked to read the knee-jerk as well as the eventual articulation.
    i am interested in your edited thoughts too . . . but i like the openness that immediacy can bring

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