Reading Bourriaud’s The Radicant:

Where should we go?


One thought on “

  1. To contextualize the question a bit, here is a beautiful bit in Bourriaud’s own language:

    “On the one hand, there is the option of uniting with those who come from the same place, whether it be a nation, a culture, or a community of interests. On the other, there is the option of joining those who are heading toward the same place, even if their destination is hazy and hypothetical. The modern event, in essence, appears as the constitution of a group that cuts across clubs and origins by uprooting them. Whatever their type, their social class, their culture, their geographic or historical origin, and their sexual orientation, that group’s participants constitute a troop that is defined by its speed and direction, a nomadic tribe cut off from any prior anchorage, any fixed identity” [43].

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