Does research make it possible to reveal the intentions of an artist? Perhaps, but the intentions of an artist, whether they want their work to convey specific messages or not, does not account for the inevitable + unpredictable contextualization of the work in the world. So, what is the value of intention when a work is set in motion?


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  1. If we don’t assume that intention is a tool of definition, then there is no conflict with it’s absorption into a context. That researching intention becomes a lens with which to view, firstly, the nature of that particular process, and secondly that which remains of the intention, in not only the work but its effect. Intention is like an army of possibilities that stows away, hidden, within a Trojan horse. If it does its job well we may never see a direct relationship between the intention and its effect, or know that it was able to do its work because of the vessel’s capacity to be absorbed by its unpredicted context.

    • It is a strange project, this curating [or perhaps just a real collaboration], where the artist dictates the material conditions for the presentation of thier work, while the curator dictates the theoretical conditions of the context. Was it always like this? Can you imagine the roles reversed, and to what effect?

      I worry that by beginning this project w/ specific questions, that I will simply find what I am looking for. I hope to find a way to conduct research that allows for paradigm-shifting surprises. In this sense, I want the intention of the artist to affect my hypotheses, but then also the reciprocity of revealing something new of the work to its maker.

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